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How to Paint Straight Lines

Updated: 3 days ago

Many homeowners and people new to painting get frustrated when it comes to taping. They will spend significant time carefully taping the edges of a room. Next, they paint along the edges of the tape. Finally, the moment of truth comes, and they start peeling off the tape. Ahh! the paint has bled under the tape! Why?!

There is a trick to this madness! First, the texture of the wall influences the difficulty of creating a straight line with tape. The heavier the texture, the easier it is for the paint to bleed under the tape line. What you want to do in any situation it press firmly along the tape line. One way we do this is with a 1" putty knife. Once we have taped and are ready to paint, we slide the putty knife along the tape line firmly. This helps limit the bleeding and creates a much better line after peeling.

There is a second trick you can try! this one takes slightly more time, but it will ensure a perfect paint line every time. First, you follow the same steps as previously listed. After sliding a putty knife along the tape, then paint along the tape line with the color that is under the tape (or a clear finish coating works as well). Let that coat dry for 1-2 hours. By doing this step, the paint is sealing the paint edge, preventing the new color from bleeding underneath. Once that coat is dry you are ready to paint with the new color. Paint the new color along the tape edge and allow it to become tacky. Once the paint is starting to dry, you can peel back the tape and witness a perfect line! This process will enable you to create beautiful lines on walls and the ability to make custom designs.

How to paint straight lines
How to tape correctly for painting

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