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It's All in the Preparation!

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Being in the the business for over 13 years, I know that the key to a lasting paint job is in the preparations. Glossy finishes must be sanded and etched in order for the product to adhere to the surface. Dirty and oily surfaces must be cleaned (usually with TSP) so the paint does not fish-eye, crack, clump, etc. Holes in drywall need to be patched and repaired. Exterior buildings need to be pressure washed thoroughly. Peeling paint needs to be scraped, sanded and primed. rotting wood needs to be replaced. Bubbling stucco needs to be scraped, and patched. And the list goes on... Bishop's Painting will take the necessary steps in preparation and will not cut corners. Anyone off the street can slop on paint. It takes a professional to know the right preparation steps and ideal paints and primers to use according to the surface materials. The preparation process also includes masking off and covering the customer's furniture, equipment, floors, etc. Paint preparation is time consuming but very important for a professional and clean end product.

Paint Prep

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